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In 2021, France introduced a requirement that motorhomes over 3.5 tons must be equipped with signs that warn other road users of the motorhome’s blind spot. Violating the regulations can cost up to €750 in fines. This of course means that journeys to or via France are affected. Motorhomes must be fitted with three warning stickers which must be placed in accordance with current law. Of course, this law covers all vehicles, i.e. also buses and trucks over 3500 kilos


Reusable stickers for motorhomes

For those of you who do not want to drive around with stickers permanently, we have developed a special solution (Easy Dot). The decal can be applied and removed over and over again and is specially designed for all types of motorhomes. The decal sticks to both sheet metal, plastic and aluminium. The dimensions of the decals are 170 X 250 mm. and thus comply with the regulations. They are 0.25 mm thick and are purchased in packs of 3 together with placement instructions and user manual.


Vinyl decals for motorhomes

If you don’t think it makes any difference that the decals stay on permanently, we have laminated vinyl stickers. The dimensions of the decals are 170 X 250 mm. and thereby complies with the regulations. These are “decal-thin” and are purchased in a pack of 3 together with placement instructions. Can be attached to all types of vehicles.

Easy Dot-stickers

(For fully and semi-integrated mobile homes)

Angles Morts Dekaler_ateranvandninsbara

Reusable stickers for blind spot.

Standard stickers

(For all types of vehicles)

Angles Morts Vinyldekaler

Vinyl stickers for blind spot.

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