ANGLES MORTS – Blind Spot Stickers

179 kr

Angles Morts decal set 25 x 17 cm. for vehicles. Mandatory from 3.5 tonnes in France. Blind spot warning sticker, non reusable, 3 stickers per set
Angles Morts Sticker, the blind spot. Weather-resistant sticker for your motorhome.

  • 17 x 25 cm sticker for blind spots on heavy vehicles.
  • The kit is suitable for motorhomes.
  • Blind spot warning sign on heavy vehicles. >3.5 tonnes.
  • The product contains: 3 pcs. Angles Morts decals in approved size
  • Stickers
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A pack of Angles Morts stickers contains 3 pcs. laminated and UV resistant vinyl decals.